Care and maintenance for cork floors

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Universal care product for all varnished cork floors

Maintenance and shine especially for cork

Item #: 102654-15 Weight: 1.13 kg
In stock

Perfect care and brilliant shine for all varnished cork floors in private areas

  • Solvent-free and environmentally conscious
  • Easy to use without polishing
  • Receives new flooring in value and appearance
  • Brings back shine and protection on old floors

KorkCare is an aqueous premium-care product for varnished corkfloors. You will receive a dash-track resistant and self-shining surface. On clean, dry surface thinly and evenly applicated, KorkCare promises you brilliant results.

Coverage rate: ca. 1 - 2 litre per 50 sqm used undiluted
Frequency: Depends on use 1 to 4 times per year

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