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Special cleaner for wood in an outdoor area

Perfect to prepare greyed and dirty wooden decks

Item #: 10741-000000
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  • Ideal degraying preparation for follow-up treatment
  • Easy and safe application
  • Can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces and garden furniture, does not drip
  • No sanding necessary
  • Applicable to all wood species

DeckFinish Color | How to prepare and finish wooden surfaces in outdoor areas

  • Shake the contents well.
  • Do not work under direct Sun influence. Moisten the surface with water in advance to ensure that the product does not dry too quickly.
  • Observe general and, if necessary, product-specific occupational health and safety regulations. Further information can be found in the GISCODE-related operating instructions which are available under


The product is ready for use and must not be reduced!

Application tool/application rate 

Brush or LOBATOOL oilbrush / approx. 150-200 ml/m2 (5-6 m2/l). Determine the exact consumption with a test application. 

Three areas of application, one procedure. 

Degray old oiled terrace decks 
  • The special formulation allows to remove wood graying. 
Clean and prepare old finished terrace deck for re-finishing 
  • Optimal preparation for secure adhesion of the subsequent finish layer. 
Newly laid deck, open pores, wash out wood ingredients from surface 
  • Woods with a high content of wood ingredients, especially coniferous and exotic woods, tend to accumulate on the surface of the wood, e.g. teak that has not been freshly sanded even feels oily. 
  • In order to achieve an optimal bond between our products and the wood, these wood ingredients, resins and oils, must be washed off the surface. This opens the pores of the wood surface as well and the products can be better absorbed. 


  • Remove loose dirt with broom in advance. 
  • Moisten the surface with water first to prevent LOBACARE Degrayer from drying too quickly. 
  • Apply LOBACARE DeckDegrayer undiluted with a brush or LOBATOOL oil brush to the wood to be cleaned. 
  • Allow material to react for approx. 10 minutes. 
  • For process the surface, we recommend a cleaning machine suitable for wooden decks (automatic suction and scrubbing machine, high-pressure cleaner with corresponding attachment, etc.). Alternatively, use a scrubber or brush to work the surface along the wood grain. 
  • Then rinse the entire surface with clear water or spray it with a garden hose. In case of very stubborn soiling, repeat the treatment or allow LOBACARE DeckDegrayer to work for a longer time. 
  • After drying, optionally break up wood fibers with a steel broom or disc machine and LOBASAND SuperPad green to achieve a smoother surface. Re-oil with LOBASOL DeckOil or coat with LOBADUR DeckPrepare and LOBADUR DeckFinish, according to Technical Information on the product. 

Application Video

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